Left Outside Alone - Anastacia (Metal cover)

Well, I think I found my way back, everyone make it ok?
Anyway, here’s some more international internet cover version fun with Cubase. Apologies for the lack of hair swinging, I ran out of that stuff a few years ago now…

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Wow 3 years ago! So I just spent this afternoon practicing mixing using this track. I’ve learned some new things and bought a few new toys since then.

I had some comments before that it was a but too narrow sounding.
So today I spent some more time with, well everything - EQ, dynamics, separation, even FX (doing some more EQ and dynamics on the FX). I guess this is as far as my mixing talent stretches right now. I have learned some new things and bought some new toys since doing the original. Definitely an improvement to my ears. What do you think?