Left repeat sign via popover?

Is there a way to enter a left repeat sign using the popover (this: ||:)? I checked the version history and couldn’t find anything about it.

This is one of the few functions I have to open the panel to achieve.

If such a function doesn’t yet exist, that’s fine, just checking. Suggestion: Shift-R and entering “left” would make sense to me. Thanks.

|: in the barline popover

I am such an idiot. Of course, it was already in the bars and barlines menu, not the repeats menu… Thanks!

I made the same assumption!

You guys know about this right?


Yes, but I was looking for the Repeats popover section, so I skipped over Bars and Barlines entirely. Hence the facepalm.

Could we make this a feature request?
The idea that everything related to repeats should be accessible from the repeats popover (and eventually be included in the repeats section of the right hand bar) seems not too far away.

The very fact that an experienced user like you is still making this mistake, should lead us here.

Yes, read it, learnt the ones I need, but forgot which category they belong to.

It’s a bit like tremolos being in the Repeats. It’s documented, there’s a logic to it, but it’s not my first thought. I’m used to Dorico being so methodical and defined that anything not quite what I’m expecting stands out.

I don’t know whether that would be complicated, and how complicated it would be, but from a UI/UX point of view it would probably be desirable to be able to access the same item from different popovers or toolbars, much like it is possible to edit something by mouse or keyboard or via the top menu or context menu. So, in a nutshell, it should be possible to type |: into the Barline popover as well as the Repeats popover, and you would get the same result. Or apply tremolos via the Repeats popover or the Ornaments popover (or, likewise, via the correspondent toolbar sections).

What if there were a single popover shortcut that encompasses all of the possible popover commands. When you start typing into the popover field, the program disambiguates any conflicts with a type specifier in front of the command. There probably aren’t that many conflicts.

No, this is impossible. Both intervals and adding bars use numbers, but it could also be number of tremolo strokes, …

Or a triplet. Or (implementingDanKreider’s request from a few days ago, where time signatures can be input without the denominator) a time signature!

And would F be a chord symbol or a dynamic?

Well, you could start inventing new rules like F is a chord symbol and f is a dynamic, but going down that rabbit hole doesn’t seem like a good idea!

I’ve just written a beautiful song, to the lyrics “Molto espressivo, fz, fz, fz”.

You could, except F is already a key signature with one flat and f is a key signature with four flats :wink:

Key signatures are sooo 20th century. A modern notation program doesn’t need them. :smiling_imp:

To give a few more examples:

// Caesura or two tremolo strokes?
3/4 sustain pedal depression or time signature?
How would you input numbers as lyrics, rather than as fingering?

These are maybe not the greatest examples (I think “f” is the perfect one) but I have to assume that the development team considered a global popover and quickly recognised the pitfalls:

  1. There’d be hundreds of exceptions that needed disambiguation.
  2. A global list of every possible word would be slowish to search.
  3. Exceptions would have to be allowed for people typing in zany tempo markings (“a la Darth Vader theme”)
  4. Lyrics would still need a separate popover anyway.

Just my guess, obviously…

… and if your native language was Italian, this sort of problem wouldn’t be a joke.

Triplets might be an exception, because the popover for tuplets does not require pressing Shift :wink:

to get back to this thread – the exceptions really come from these issues:

  1. Dynamics (Shift-D)
  2. Tempo markings (Shift-T)
  3. Lyrics (Shift-L)

Aside from that, Shift-B, Shift-H, Shift-O, Shift-P and Shift-R popover menus could be unified. Disagree?
I would even argue that Shift-M popovers could also be blended in as well.