Left to right sound seems impossible in a normal way...

I would like to make a simple thing. Seems impossible though.
I’m using Trip (HSSE synth), I would like the same sound on the left and the right alternating, without using pan (please…), or two instances/slots. How can I have it?
Sounds like a riddle, wich tired me.
Thanks anybody.

You could use the internal Tremolo effect.

Thank you Romantique Tp (again) for your answer.
But I can’t use tremolo (a different kind of pan…) because I don’t want the sounds moving, I want the sounds still. On the left, and still on the right. Nothing has to move in the panorama. I think to need something that tells the synth: this note at -50 on the left, this other note at +50 on the right. Something that has to do with MIDI I think, like the MIDI channel for notes in the Keys Editor, wich I don’t know how to use and the manual doesn’t seem to help me.

Summarizing: 1 Synth - note on the left - note on the right - note on the left - note on the right …

You can see I’m becoming crazy to this.
And should be simple.