Left zone/window parts not in sync

Is there a way to get the window left song parts synchronized with the linear cursor automatically while the song is playing? ( this occurs perfectly when the song is stopped)
What I mean is that when the song is playing and I hit another song part (left window) this song part remains active all the time and does not return to the song part that actually is playing (see pic), also when it passes a new trigger point…

Clicking a Part while Transport is playing does not locate, but only switch sounds (Layers, Stacks etc). Synchronized (bar/beat quantized) switching of timeline locations is planned for later, until then, jumping timeline is deliberately prohibited as you don‘t want that to accidently happen during a show.
A noteable exception is clicking the timeline with the mouse which you would use during rehearsal.

Thanks for the reaction. Yes I understand why is prohibited while transport is playing, but what is the reason the “new” lighted part will not go back and highlights the part that transport is playing automatically? Not sure if I’m explaining it in a understandable way…

Sure, it might display progress of the inactivce Part, will check to see. Usually it only shows progress for the active Part if transport is within its range.