Legacy Feature I hate

A long time ago, when Cubase began, hard drives were way too expensive. For this reason, when you paste an audio “part” or “duplicate” an audio “part”, it does not copy it but tells Cubase to play that part again. I always have hated this and I am constantly bouncing parts. I can make macros for this but by the way, your macro maker/ shortcuts window needs a big overhaul. Why is audio still treated differently than MIDI? I have undo and I know enough to make backups. I don’t need all edits to be not permanent by default. That should be an option buried in the preferences and not the default. Also for those who need it, there is an auto backup feature anyway!

What is the actual problem? In what way do audio edits on a second event not solve your need to make the two events sound different?
Like, if Cubase didn’t tell you that they both reference the same file in the pool, what behavior are you observing that makes it obvious that they source the same file underneath?
Are you doing lots of operations that aren’t possible non-destructively? If so, which?

Imo it’s actually an intelligent system that manages your files efficiently. Why would you want to make a separate copy of all the files that are exactly the same?

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