Legacy Firewire Driver - anyone have it? Microsoft download link broken

I’m looking for someone who has the install package or a download link for the Legacy firewire driver. The download links are broken on the Microsoft page…

Click on the DETAILS tab and you will see its the legacy driver

Thanks for the links, but unfortunately neither get me to the driver. The first is redirected to the generic download page. The second opens up the right page (I’ve been there already), but both “Download the package now” links come up with 404 errors.

I would go to your MySteinberg and fill out a support request.

I have no way to really check if the driver will install or work here as my PC is non FW . My studio Mac is FW here.


Managed to solve it.

I still have my Win 7 music computer intact, and it’s currently networked to my new music Win 10 machine.

I did the “Browse my computer for driver software” on the Win 10 machine and pointed to the System32 folder on the Win 7 machine. Found it, installed it.

All is well. Thanks, everyone.

For those that are interested, this direct link still works: https://download.microsoft.com/download/6/C/D/6CDAFBA0-054A-44FA-B627-BC1F1E1C6772/1394_OHCI_LegacyDriver.msi

Thanks for that. Though I’m going now, it’s nice to have an actual install for the future.

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