Legacy plugins you'd love to have back.

There are some oldies that I miss a lot and would love to have back as 64Bit VST3, let’s try to find out which are the most missed among the community. :smiley:

These are my most missed:

  • Vocoder
  • Double Delay
  • A1
  • Quadrafuzz v1 (v2 is great but it’s a totally different thing)
  • Tonic

I also have a fond memory of the pre SX Wunderverb

Wizoo XPhraze
Steinberg VoiceMachine

Sorry, we’re wishing our lives away, waiting for these to return… :wink:

Tonic - another ‘Wizoo’ developed plugin; it will not be coming back. A Steinberg ‘branding’ exercise. It was never their property.
Tonic UI.jpg
Quadrafuzz v1 - similar deal; developed/owned by Craig Anderton. Was never Steinberg property.

Now, if I see a mention of the Interactive Phrase Synthesiser… that’s Steinberg’s work; that gets a vote from me… a fun tool back in the day… :slight_smile:
(had a picture of the UI somewhere, now I can’t find it…)

A bunch of us asked about Embracer a few years back … interesting information and ideas in that thread.

+1 for Embracer. A simple and honest plug-in. Would not hesitate to use again.

Gigasampler was quite nice. But is was not really a plugin. I still have some sounds in that format and you can open them in other players. But it did not sound right. And I would probably not be impressed today. But I would really like to have a 64 bit version of Frontier Design Tranzport for OSX. It’s not a VST plugin, but still a plugin for cubase!