Legal Groove agent no kits behaving like GA SE

I bought Groove agent 4 in February 2015. I can’t remember if I bought the key to unlock a trial version or a new download. Due to circumstances I was unable to use it much. I do know that I was able to access all the kits and the agents that came with it. Recently I started with the program again and found I could only access the SE kit. The program is now completely behaving like the Groove agent Se program. It has the interface of the Groove agent 4 but non of the functionality

I checked the version and found I only had the 4.0 version and downloaded the update to 4.2 which I should have had at that date as it came out in January of this year.

The problem persisted.

How can I solve this?

Try uninstalling both GA4 and GASE4, then reinstall GASE4, then GA4 and the 4.2 update.