Legato shortens notes

Hi - I’m sure this is a complete novice error but I can’t get legato to work as expected - it always shortens the note instead of extending it to the next note. It feels like it might be quantization or snap related, but changing the various settings of these doesn’t make a difference. I’ve attached an animated GIF if that helps

Legato Issue

Select the note, and the following note.

I tried that, but all it did was extend the following note by some random duration:
Legato Issue #2

You should check “Extend to Next Selected”

Also the reason you
are getting shorter notes is because you set the overlap to a negative value.

Ok , that appears to work. The overlap setting was by default, I never amended it, so I expected legato to work according to its definition by default

Thanks for your prompt responses

Glad that helped. The negative value for overlap is not a default setting. Do you have a cat? :wink:

I opened a new project and sure enough the overlap defaults to 0. No cat, I blame poltergeists!

Uh oh,