Legato technique won't end when spiccato starts

Okay, I’ve been posting like crazy so I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

  1. My cello track uses the spiccato playing technique on mm. 1-4 and mm. 15-19.
  2. The cello track uses the legato playing technique on the interim mesasures 6-14.

However, when the playback gets to m. 15, it continues playing legato, even though I’ve clearly specified ‘spicc.’ on the first note on m. 15. See below. I know the spiccato keyswitch is being triggered correctly on m. 1 because while watching the Opus player it has spiccato selected and it sounds spiccato.




What am I doing wrong? Is this some kind of issue with upgrading the project from 3.5 to 4.0? Because it worked fine before I upgraded.

You probably need to add legato and spiccato to a mutual exclusion group.

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This was not a problem in Dorico 3.5. So, not sure why I have to do it in 4.0?

However, that did solve my problem, so thank you!

For what it’s worth, Roger, there’s absolutely no difference between the way the rules in expression maps are resolved between Dorico 3.5 and Dorico 4, so although that is one of your common refrains in your posts here, please rest assured that it is not the case.

However I was just stating the fact that it worked for me in 3.5, but not 4.0.

It really would be super easy for somebody to check if it works for them. If it works for them then I know I probably have a corrupted installation.

Good morning Rothvin,

FWIW, it sounds like you are saying that the only possible variables are the Dorico version and the project, so if it is NOT the project then it MUST something in the Dorico version, or that Dorico is corrupted or whatever. Did I communicate what you were thinking fairly enough?

But that is not the case at all. Clicking on the Library Menu Item in Dorico 4 is one way see visually just how many things there are that might be different (that are stored in other files) . Things from preferences to maps to playback options to techniques, etc. Seeing what is different and synching those is why Dorico 4 now has the library manager. I’m just saying… harder to know exactly what might be different in your 3.5, or between your install and mine before Library Manager came on the scene. So yay Steinberg! going forward, but harder to say about your old install.

Not saying this is what happened, but just to give you a less vague example of what I mean: There are playback options in Dorico that affect the played note length, and there are patches in Opus like “Leg Slur Lite” that will assume legato based on note length and some other settings. So it is not ALWAYS Dorico deciding on the sample that gets played and you could have been getting legato for different reasons.

This VST stuff, boy… some complexities in our profession…


I was just trying to throw ideas out there what might be wrong. I use the same steps in 3.5 to do it and it worked. I use the same steps in 4.0 with a new project and it worked. So why it won’t work in the current project that has the problem is a mystery to me.

No worries, this type of thing is a learning journey for everyone. I’m just trying to explain why that can be and where to maybe look if it continues to matter.

You know that famous TNG quote re Dr. Beverly Crusher: “If there is nothing wrong with me, there must be something wrong with the universe!” Well, with all due respect to the Star Trek writers, it is more often “us”. :slight_smile:

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Oh now you’re speaking my language. I absolutely love Star Trek, especially The Next Generation!

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