Lemur: EQ and VSTMultipPanner - for FREE )

Hi guys. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody!
I want to share my template for Lemur I made to ease my workflow. I would be very glad if it helps anyone as well and If someone find it interesting I’ll give instructions how to setup. Sorry for english in advance).

First of all what we have. The template is made for iPad3. So I don’t know how it would behaves on another device( Recently tested it on iPad 2019 and it looks and works fine). It’s beta and has some minor(and not only)) bugs and imperfections. The interface “Selected Track” is for future implementations. The resolution of volume fader, EQ(freq, dB and Q), Surround X,Y,Z and some other faders and knobs are increased from 128 steps to 16834 which means smoother response.
Volume fader. Double tap returns to 0 dB. The dB info monitor is just approximate to Nuendo’s one, cause there’s no way to send it from Nuendo, so it’s only ajusted. It’s ALMOST exact from +12.04 to -20 and the lower the less accurate. It seemed enough to me especially for efforts to find a way and functions and graphics to make it most approached).
EQ. The most obvious thing. Tried to make it just as in Nuendo. Double tap on EQ dots returns it to 0 db. Double tap on Q fader caps opens band type. Frequency relation to x axis wasn’t convenient(100hz was farther right than now) and was rescaled. The Freq/dB/Q info monitor is approximated to Nuendo’s one as well and is NOT EXACT but enough for me. The most thing I needed - presets like A/B to compare in plugins. My ones are ABCD on the right. Long tap - store preset, short - recall it. Presets remember Freq, dB, Q, on-off band, band type.Reset button resets to Nuendo’s defaults. On the right - “Automation-Volume” switches automation pane or volume fader.
“Show Q” -experimental function.
VSTMuliPanner. Double tap on XY pane, Orbit Center, Radius, Rot Z returns to default position. AutoRotation - just play with that)
Suspend read,write,show are just the same as in automation panel in Nuendo. Theese switches are only commands and work only in one direction from Lemur to Nuendo, so hold that in mind. Once synchronized it can be managed from lemur only with sure of all is just the same as in Nuendo.

How to setup
1.Make new Generic Remote with Lemur IN3 OUT3 ports. Import “McS-GenericRemote.xml”.
2.Make new Track Quick Controls with Lemur IN5 OUT5 ports. Import “McS-TrackQuickControls.xml”.(this only for additional faders and knobs in VSTMultiPanner section). You should load my Track Quick Controls preset on every track that you want to be controlled with it. So my preset is stored inside the file “Quick Controls.pxml” that also contains default presets for Track Quick Controls. Just replace your “Quick Controls.pxml” with mine making a backup previously.
3.Copy “Project Logical Editor” folder to the same place as in your system. It just adds 4 commands to activate-deactivate read-write on all tracks to make it just as automation panel’s buttons.

Ok, take it “as is”. I’d like to get some comments and improvement thoughts) No promises though. I’ve spended too much time to make it and have to work after all)
Here’s the link for rar McS-EQ-VSTMultiPanner.rar - Google Drive
And the link for new version with automation panel and sends ADD-New.rar - Google Drive

New version is out. Some annoying bugs are gone. Download link again in previous post.

Hi McSound, I haven’t tried this yet but I want so say thank you, since no one seems to bother anyhow. It looks really promising!!

Hi Davinzzie, thanks! So it’s made for me and( if you like it) you then :wink: Let me know how it works on your system.

New version. On the same link in the first post. I can’t find any serious bug. I did what I want from this template.

Hi McSound!
Shame this got so little attention, because it looks fantastic! I’d love to give it a try, any chance of a re-upload?
I’ve also been trying to make a simple EQ controller myself, without any graphics, just a few knobs and faders. It’s actually not too hard if you just use the Generic Remote and Midi CC messages, but 128 steps is just too little for dialing in the EQ Frequency, I found. Did you use basic CC messages, or is there any way to increase the resolution for the frequency knob?
Thanks! :slight_smile:


Same here, i just started to play around with Lemur and found this page.

Your template looks impressive, i would be gratefull if you could reupload it some way.



Great template! Does it works with cubase ?

Hi to all! I havn’t been here for a long time. I thought it’s not of anybody interest) Ok, I’ve refreshed links in the first posts and added new version with sends and automation panels with remote editor presets for it.

I think yes it should work

Hi. I also find 128 step resolution is absolutely insufficient. I’ve increased resolution using pitchbend midi messages. There are PRN and NPRN messages as well that have resolution of 16384 as pitchbend. But they’re of some secret use in Nuendo. I had unpredictable results when used it. Some Nuendo switches was turned on and off and other strange things. So be aware)

Cant recognize how properly setup Lemur with LoopMIDI, Cubase just didn’t show me any midi activity from ipad :frowning:

It took me a while to figure it out, too. Check the firewall for possible blocking iPad’s IP(for WIFI connection). Look at attached picture of my connected iPad. Do you have similar picture?

Thank you!

Lemur already tested with cubase with other profiles/projects. All works.

with this one, I’m stuck. In:

  1. Naming midi ports inside loop midi (how much them I need, and what naming scheme they should be?)

  2. Routing inside Lemur/Lemur Daemon (I’m not clearly understand It, because of question #1)

  3. In cubase, I should make 3 GR, 1 QC. and from there in new archive (in 1st message) there new files, and I’m confused which I should use)

Ok. Lets figure out what is wrong. You should start with first archive in the first post. Forget for a while about second one). In loopMidi you should make eight Lemur IN ports (from 0 to 7) and eight Lemur OUT ones. Then go to Lemur app on iPad, then Settings\More settings… Assign FROM’s to Lemur OUTs and TO’s to Lemur INs accordingly. So the first string would look like “MIDI 0 . FROM: Lemur OUT 0. TO: Lemur IN 0.” And the same way other lines.
Now there has to be activity in LoopMIDI \ “Total data” column on Lemur IN 3 Port while moving EQ dots in Lemur app on iPad. If not - check the firewall first! If all works you’d see things like on my picture with Lemur daemon and LoopMIDI I sent you. Give it a try and tell me how it’s going.
P.S. I forgot to say sometimes Lemur Daemon and LoopMIDI have to be restarted several times to work correctly. Anyway all Lemur Daemon ports should be black, not red.

Thank you for guide!
now i setup lemur & loopmidi correctly, Total Dara show values when i moving EQ & others knobs.

pls explain how to setup this in Cubase (already put xml. PLE presets in folder)

Sorry for beeng so late, had much work) Nice! Now in Cubase: go to Studio\Studio Setup, press “+” sign, select Generic Remote. In GR Midi input set to Lemur In 3, Midi output to Lemur OUT 3. Then press “Import” button, select file “McS-GenericRemote.xml”. In “MIDI Port Setup” section of Studio setup( several lines up above your newly created GR) you shoud turn off all Lemur INs and OUTs in “In All Midi” column. That’s it! Try it.

it works! many thanks!

You’re welcome! I’m glad it works in Cubase) I’ve never tried it.