Lemur Interface for Nuendo

Hi to all!
I’m very excited to introduce you a new tool for Nuendo made on Lemur platform.
This interface is a result of a lack of some important functions for me and for overall workflow improvement. It makes work with static automation much easier. It has very useful feature of copy-paste function from one track to anywhere. And if it’s helpful for me I would be very glad if it’ll be so for any other Nuendo guy or girl! So I’m sharing it with pleasure )

The development still in progress, it’s just kind of beta, so please be patient in case of any issues or bugs.
Also Nuendo has some strange behavior sometimes. I can say only that i’ve succesfully mixed up one feature movie using it without big problems more or less. My main notice is -if you work with big amount of tracks never-NEVER have “Reveal parameter on write” On! I had crashes of Nuendo and all Windows 10 system having it On. (when i tried to write init automation on all tracks at once)) So be awared of all of it!

My Lemur connection has 8 INs, 8 OUTs and Mouse and Keyboard port (KbMouse 0) in Lemur Daemon. Actually the interface works on ports 4 In&Out and KbMouse 0 for now.
There’s some annoying bug in Nuendo which is Generic Remote (GR) doesn’t execute macro that consists of more than one PLE commands(which is often happens in my macros). So I have to use direct keyboard commands and send it from Lemur to Nuendo and have to spend real keyboard shortcuts in Nuendo instead of midi commands that would execute macros in GR. In this case the main project window in Nuendo has to be active for correct receiving of keyboard commands from Lemur. This applies to green buttons in “Work With” section, “Punch” and some others.
The panel shown in video is “2 Automation”. There’re other panels in this interface that are currently disabled.

Description of what the archive has inside:
“McS PLE” folder - Project Logical commands for some functions to work properly. Not all of it is needed for the actions shown in video but it may be useful for futher features. You can place the whole folder into your local PLE folder.
Key Commands.xml" - my setup file with macros. I just don’t know how to extract them and give it separately from key commands. I used to edit my “Key Commands.xml” in common editot to insert something like macros, new key commands etc. It’s much faster than edit it in Nuendo. Be aware not to just overwrite your “key commands.xml” with mine, I have very special shortcuts that differ from common ones in Nuendo.

“Lemur-Nuendo-Automation-4-8-v1.xml” - file for Generic Remote to be imported.

“MyXY-12-35-NewAutomation.jzml” - file for Lemur itself to be transferred on iPad.

Any suggestions and improvements are welcomed. Also you can change everything in it for your needs. It’s completely free to share, edit etc.
Though I haven’t much free time I’ll do my best to support this project.

I also want to thank all the community, I got very nice support here and met very kind people!
For Sharing.rar (184 KB)

Wow! This is so great) keep it up

______Thank you!

Wow this was a lot of work
I am trying toget the eq working well, you did it:-)
Thank you very much for sharing this
I try to upload my automation the next days, have to do some work on it.
Thank you very much.share 2021.zip (98.1 KB)

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Is it possible to enable/disable modules (noise gate, compressor, deesser & etc.) in channel strip?

Think its possible, first you have to activate a chanelstrip, then you have all the possibilities in the generic controllers if you use mixer as

also works wit VST Mixer

Thank you! But, what you show at screenshot, i’m already implimented.
check this https://youtu.be/esOnlGyvTs4?t=1336 22:16
i just can’t figure out, how to activate (not bypass) remotly

it was my fault, I see not you are working with the X-Touch,
I do everything with Lemur on the Ipads, because this is much more flexible for me
and not so forced to the Hui.
I use 2 Radicals SaK for the real Fader, because they stay on the selected chanel, and with 4 Ipads I have max 128 Chanels direkt, with only one touch, this makes it much faster for me.
For me its too difficult to work only with the HUI, I have to remember all the special keys, on the Ipad I can set a Fader or a button and work with it.
I have not to think like a Sound engenier, its only music I can do.
sorry for my bad english
PS I have stopped working with loop, too much problems when a lot of Midi is going on.
Your Youtube video is great, and a lot of work I believe. Thank you for the link:-)

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I think this is a fault in the X-Touch, maybe you try the link I send already in my 1 post.
There is a HUI emulation on the IPad as well hope you have an Ipad. this will work with loop as well.

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Apparently I can’t edit my first post. Here goes a new version. Full EQ edit added + some minor improvements, though bugs still exist)