Lemur Ipad remote for Cubase/Nuendo


Ipad as a remote is getting better all the time,I’ve’ been mixing and editing on Ipad now for 4 months or so, and it’s great. Using the iPad as a remote for cubase you can do ANYTHING and more a normal remote can. For example I can choose: “open selected channel” with or without active plugins (the bigest lifesaver until now!) this was on touchosc until now…

To quote “beatpete”: “hello lemur!”:
I’m working on a layout for lemur on ipad for Cubase/Nuendo. It can be mixed/merged with other layouts created by other people. like the Mackie MCU layout or the “beatpete” RME totalmix layout.

There are some screenshots in my next post.

I also made some Touchosc layouts with “selected channel”, some plugins, and “the controlroom”:


On Touchosc I “borowed” some good ideas from “Voodoo”, another user on this forum who has also posted a free layout.
The layouts I’m posting now for Lemur aren’t free anymore, anyone who is realy interested can send me a p.m to negociate, or use the pics for diy inspiration (if you have the time…) .

greetings, Jurgen


I now have a setup with 2 MCU’s and a generic remote, so I can control and display 16 channels on one page WITH channel names displayed.

I also changed the “selected channel” selection methode, you now have a MCU display with 16 channels on the bottom of the selected channel pages, you can select a channel by clicking on the name(!) and you can scroll the normal MCU way trough all your channels(<<8>> or <<1>> channel) with dedicated buttons.

So now you always see the name of the channel you are working on, even in "selected channel mode…

The “open channel with active plugins” button works now. If you select a channel with the button activated, all active plugins will open also. If you select another channel, all plugins of the previous selected channel close, and the active plugins of the currently selected channel will open. :sunglasses:

One (1) button for solo AND listen defeat.
And a listen button! (it only works when the mixer is open)
You can toggle your record monitor mode(prefs/vst/auto monitoring)
The faders on the right on the selected channel page are the cubase master and my RME totalmix (speakers and controlroom headphones) master.

[25-01-2012 EDIT]
I now added a tabbed part on the channel interface, with a selection for 4 modes: editing, mixing, recording and automation. This way the interface is less cluttered, and for example when mixing I don’t need a record button, I and want my metering post-fader, but when recording I need talkback and want my metering pre-fader. The solo button is also missing in the record tab, this way I don’t accidently hit solo when recording (I use my main mix + an aux for the musicians) as this would interfear with their mix.

some new pics:

It is still a work in progress, the next thing will be an edit/zoom page and a controllroom page, with foobar remote control on the external imput for reference while mixing, a 2track return for comparing with your “old mix”, and a page for some plugins I use a lot.

[25-01-2012 EDIT:]
At the moment I am using MIDIYOKE for virtual ports and bomes miditranslator (59 euro) for extra midi conversion. Lemur will set you back 39 euro’s.

But now I can do basic mixing on Ipad WITHOUT looking at my computer…And it realy, realy is fast too. Feels like the real thing. I can finaly get inside my computer…

I will post a video soon ( @ the end of next week).
{edit] as some of you may have noticed…no video yet. Sorry, due to circumstances this project is on hold for now.

kind regards, jurgen

That´s an incredible layout!

I have one question, which I been struggling in Touchosc (thinking of switching to Lemur).

I have made a Midi CC faders and x/y for filters, modulation, expression…but I cannot seem to get bidirectional movement on the faders (due to the fact that the track I am working on has the midi out assigned to a soft synth)

Can Lemur have this kind of bidirectional comunication? (moving faders with the pre recorded automation)

I think a page with midi cc controllers would be a good adittion to your template jurgen…would you be willing to share it? maybe you can sell it!!!


Not only does Lemur have bidirectional midi (as does touch OSC btw), it has 8 midi ports!

So I can record CC automation and when I press play I can see the movements in the faders in Lemur and punch in to record further automation? for example a filter sweep in omnisphere.

How this is configured in Cubase being that each midi channel has one output (which is routed to the VSTI)


(if I can do this I am sold!)

You have to use the Cubase “generic remote”. There you can assign any cc to virtually any Cubase parameter.

ThanksI have used generic remote to control cubase functions, but I don’ t know how to apply this approach to midi cc messages within each track. I don’t think this is possible from what I’ve read

The solution would be to have cubase send midi data (via midi sends maybe?) only of the selected channel.

How can a generic remote can be used to achieve this?

Thanks again

I’m not sure what you mean, but if you set up a generic remote with a midi in ANd out, you can control Cubase from the Lemur (or other midi cc generator) and Update the Lemur display via the midi out.

The problem is that I am not triying to control cubase (I had no problem with that) I would like to see CC changes (modulation, expression, etc) from the selected midi channel to show in the lemur app.

For example: I record a filter sweep in omnisphere. When I select that midi channel the page I made for omnisphere in lemur reflects the filter sweep so I can change the automation on the fly.

It´s not a control cubase issue but midi cc info recorded in singular tracks

Thanks again for trying to help me!

Jb, I have read your post again, and was wondering how you got this function running:
“The “open channel with active plugins” button works now. If you select a channel with the button activated, all active plugins will open also. If you select another channel, all plugins of the previous selected channel close, and the active plugins of the currently selected channel will open.”

I have searched in Cubase manual and lemur forum but no one mentions it

Any help will be appretiated!

Hi Pablo, sorry to get you looking for things at the wrong places…

It’s not a Cubase or Lemur feature, I was talking about a dedicated controller for Cubase I am building out of lemur and “bome miditranslator”. The button works with one of my “bome” scripts, converting one midi message to multiple midicommands. It will be available when I finnish/publish my controller. I have been working on this for months but it’s not finished/stable yet, no time to finish it at the moment. So at the moment this project is on hold.

kind regards, Jurgen

Hi Jurgen,
Were you able to finish this project?

let me know when its done…i am making a awsome key command template also…with humdrends of kc’s