Length of audiofiles in the pool not updating

Problem: I use audiofiles in a project “X”, where these audiofiles are regularly updated exports from another project “Y”, replacing the old files using the same name and storage location. If the audiofiles have the same length, the project “X” works just as intended and plays the updated files. I sometimes extend the length of these audiofiles in project “Y” (correctly playable with other media players). Now, Cubase does not allow to extend the length of the loaded events in project “X”. It is limited to that of the previous versions.

Attempted (but failed) solution: Deleting the images of those audiofiles only helps reloading the waveform image but not the length.

Current (but not viable) workaround: Import files with new names and replace events manually in project “X”

**Wanted: ** Solution, on how to force cubase to re-read the audio files’ properties (length) without having to edit in the project timeline.

Thanks for your support!


This is not an option. This would change projects in an unforeseen manner.
The events are defined in the timeline. Not in the pool.

You need to understand the differences between clips, events, and files.