Lengthening Audio Part

I’ve run into something that I’m having trouble resolving, and I hope someone can assist please.

I’m using Free Warp to correct tempo issues. As I get closer to the end of the piece, I notice that things are gradually speeding up. So I see that as I move the wave form towards the end, it is compressing at the end point.

My question is: How do I extend the end of the piece so that I have room to continue moving the wave form? Grabbing the end of the part does not lengthen it; it remains fixed. I tried adding an empty space and gluing it to the existing part, but it still does not allow the wave form to expand. Any ideas? Thanks.

You’re nearly there…Select this part and bounce selection (audio menu). This turns the part (a collection of events in a container) into a single event (the editable section of audio).

Thanks Grim, worked perfectly.