lesson layout


What would be the best way to handle Flows with “Show bar rest” on (lesson with music notation), and other Flows with “Show bar rest” off (empty staves to answer)
It seems that “Show bar rest” affects all the Flows.

You could use “Remove rests” as needed.

Sorry, Dan, I tried that, but you can only remove rests in bars that contain some music (I guess because you actually set start/end for a voice). In an empty flow, the standard empty bar rests don’t pertain to any voice and can’t be removed.

You can work around that by entering a bar rest in the first bar with force duration turned on, then setting the rest position to be outside the staff, then colouring that rest white or scaling to 1% (or both) then setting that rest to end voice immediately.

It’s not exactly elegant though…

Would setting measure rests off and then adding explicit measure rests where needed save you time?
(The example you show has no measures that would require measure rests, but I realize you may have other flows that do.)

It seems the simplest solution would be to put the “Hide/show bar rests” dialogue in Notation Options, where it could be flow-dependent. Doesn’t solve your immediate problem, of course.

Hello everyone!

Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge. I’ve tried every thing and found that for me Pianoleo’s solution was the easiest, just three steps (for me good enough) solution: 1. selecting the bars. 2. filtering the rests. 3. Custom scale: 1%.

Before I read your posts I found another solution that works with the parts only, not the score. Just making another Layout with the same instrument and the second flow and turning off “Show bar rest”. Then the parts are the way I want but not the score.

It is really great working with Dorico 2!!!