Let me be the first...

… to post some tunage. :mrgreen: :wave:


Hey Nate ?!?!?!?

Good to see you around again.

Hey, Tom. How goes things? :mrgreen:

Howdy N@te,

Have you had your daily sushi and been shopping at Lowe’s yet?

Well and mixing into numbness. :slight_smile:

Brother Nick, I presume. :ugeek:

Welcome Nate :sunglasses:

hello Nate, how ya been?

Hiya, Paul. :wave:

Things are good here, John. How about you? :ugeek:

Anyone else having an issue with staying logged on? :imp:



Glyn! :mrgreen:

Greetings Gentlemen. :ugeek:

Hey, Tom. You ever learn to multi-boot correctly? :laughing: :mrgreen:

Well he does have the :ugeek: icon beside his greeting so maybe he saw the light :mrgreen:

I don’t know, I think he wears those shades to prevent him from seeing the light. :wink: