Let percussion sound ring (no note off)

Is it somehow possible to let a percussion instrument ring (i.e. a Tam-tam) until the end of the sample? If I extend it length in playback it always get’s a full attack, when I start the playback many bars after it’s original attack. I would like to avoid that. No attack then would be fine.

the piano pedal seem to be the solution and I could hide it somehow. What would be the best way to do that? And how do I get multibar rests with a piano sustain pedal? When I set the pedal for the whole track (without a line) it splits all multibar rests.
The pedal problem seem to be a different task an I will do another post about that.

If you want to use MIDI sustain for this, I’d suggest you use the controller lanes in Play mode rather than using a hidden pedal line created in Write mode. A hidden pedal line will always interfere with multi-bar rests, so isn’t a good solution.

If that’s any help, my solution has been to extend the note end in play mode for example for 2 bars. The benefit is that the note can be copied or moved elsewhere and the playback will stay correct.

You can also use properties panel and set the end point offset there.

Thanks a lot. This is exactly what I wanted!