Let ring slurs and wavy lines question and praise


is it possible to create a slur that starts at a note, but does not has an end note? This is often used to indicate that the note should ring longer than stated. It is used e.g. for harps and percussion.

I tried normal slurs, but they seem to expect a 2nd attached note.

As well I would like to know if there is already a way to create a wavy line as it is used to indicate arpeggios for harps?

As well I want to leave a praise for the key command system. I started to learn it and it eases the not input process greatly. The system from Sibelius was already good. But this is really great. Good job!

I am looking forward to the next version. The last was already a great improvement.

Many thanks and regards, Felix

The last update implemented the arpeggio lines; you can find them on the right side menu during input.

As for the implementation of l.v., someone from the team will have to answer.

I know that, but I am talking about a wavy line that goes up and down over the measures to indicate the glissando up and down. (From my point of view this is more a graphical issue, than it should directly be reflected in the music output).

Glissandi (straight or wavy) and arpeggiation are both in the Trill tool from the right-hand panel in Write mode.

While one can find an “lv” indication in the Playing Tools “Common” selection panel, we are still missing the corresponding “slurlette” associated with the technique.

+1 on needing the “slurette”

The Lv curved line is a tie, not a slur or ‘slurette.’ The team has said several times that l.v. ties will be implemented eventually.