Let ring with dashed line

I need to indicate “Let ring” followed by a dashed line.

For that I use the sustain pedal line but it’s a little tedious to customize.
Would it not be possible in a future update to use the octave line by replacing the sign 8va by a free text to be defined by user? Or to be able to add this kind of line to the playing techniques?

The team have already said that they’re working on these sorts of lines for the future, and I’m sure that when they appear they’ll be easy to customize etc. etc.

At the moment the workarounds are tedious, but hey, they’re workarounds! Bear in mind that once you’ve done one, using a sustain pedal line, you can copy and paste it elsewhere. Also, you should now be able to select it and go Edit > Propagate Properties and it’ll then appear the same way in all other layouts.

Thank you pianoleo. I hadn’t seen the announcement of these kinds of lines for a next update.

For the rest I proceed as you describe it and I must say that the “propagate property” function is very welcome in this case.

To be clear, these kinds of lines are not coming in the next update, but we obviously do plan to implement them.

Do you have a link to explain - or can you explain here - how to do this workaround with the sustain pedal line?

Thanks so much!

Apologies, I asked and then figured it out.

For future readers:

  1. Create a pedal marking for the section you want the line to cover
  2. Select it in Engrave mode.
  3. Select
  • continuation type Line
  • sign appearance Hook
  • dash length/dash gap length to taste
  • start hook length 0
  • end hook length to taste (I did -11/16 spaces)
  1. Drag horizontally and vertically so it appears next to the marking you wish it to.
  2. As above, click propagate properties so that it appears similarly in parts.

Does a Let ring dashed line already exist in Dorico 4.3?

You can create a Playing technique and set the continuation line appropriately. So yes, it’s possible. :slight_smile:

Not a line, but a l.v. slur is available, and the default length can be customized in the ties (length) section of Engrave mode. It does not play back but one can use a Ped line and hide or minimize the size of the elements.

This! Easy to do, works like a charm!

There is no ‘let ring’ playing technique available.

As klafkid said, there’ll be a whatever Playing Technique available if you make one.

I could not find instructions in the manual on how to create a new Playing technique.

It’s here: Creating custom playing techniques

No, of course not, but you can easily make it yourself! Here’s how:

Create a Playing Technique like so:

Then, for the continuation line:

I forgot to highlight the little star icon at the bottom, so your new PT is available in new projects as well!

Then, make a Playback Technique like so (Playback techniques are like the link between the written instructions and the VST instrument, if you don’t need playback, you can skip this part):

Then, in your expression map, there should be an entry referencing the Playback technique “Let ring”, using MIDI CC 64:

That should do the trick, there might be a shortcut repurposing the pedal Playback Technique normally used with piano, I did it like this…
Here’s how to use it:
PT let ring

Have fun,


Hey Benji,

I’ve managed to get this working myself (before looking here!). The issue I have is that the end of the playing technique doesn’t reset the CC64 to 0, and so all the notes after it keep sustaining.

The only way I’ve been able to solve this is to set CC64 to 0 in the Natural playing technique. This doesn’t seem right. What do you think?

Of course after trying everything, I try one last idea after I post for help and it works…