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I don’t know if this a silly question, but I am not able to find how to correclty playback arperggios in guitar when using dorico. I do not mean to add the arpeggio symbol in a chord. I mean to “let ring” notes when doing arpeggios (let’s say an arpeggio of one bar written in eight notes).

I used to use guitar pro and there was an option to select the arpeggiated section and to add a “let ring” property, I don’t know if this exist in dorico or if it is planned for future versions (or maybe it is something dependant on the used vst?). I could do it manually in the play tab by modifying the lenght of each note but I don’t think this is a good approach.

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You can add laissez vibrer ties to a chord via the Properties panel, but this doesn’t actually cause the notes to be played longer than their notated length. There’s no option for this in playback at the moment, but I can imagine how a simplistic option might work, basically extending the played duration of the note until the next note of the same pitch (which wouldn’t take into account how the same pitch might be played on the same string in the meantime, of course). However, no such option presently exists. You might find using MIDI CC64 in the automation editor in Play mode better than adjusting the length of every note, maybe?

Thank you very much for you reply Daniel,

I will have a look on how the automation editor works and to see if I can work that out!


I’ve just tried your suggestion and I just want to let you know that that it works quite well!!! so thank you very much!

So far, enjoying a lot working with dorico!!