Let’s share our color schemes!

Curious in other types of color schemes, beside mine :nerd:
Share your screenshots if u r also interested :bulb:

What kind of color scheme are you interested in?
I use default colors for the GUI, but have standard track and marker colors.

I expected to see your color scheme shared. Maybe I missed it…

I grab FL Studio project colors, and little bit change for my personal taste. but there still something i can’t say “Ok, thats what i like”
Just curious how others scheme looks like

please see attachments

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damn it, 10.5 waveforms looks much better :smiley:

see if U have these settings to tweek in preferences.

and the colors are in the “color set” pallet MENU/Project/Project Colors Setup to configure the Pallet you might read for details how to:

I really like the meters settings customized I should have hit play while i made that capture, but this is how meters look - thing is they are much better functionally, to KEEP your levels below the orange or red and just hitting yellow as max for digital signal you do not want to ever hit 0dB.

OK, I’m still at C10.0.4 here, so the mixer will have to wait.
Dark blue at -60dB because it’s a reasonable standard of acceptable noise. There’s a sudden color change if it pokes above that.
Lime-yellow at -18dB because it’s kind of a translation of nominal LUFS, and it means you’re starting to lose headroom.
Orange at -6dB because then you’re really looking at a clipping threat.
Red above 0dB because I don’t think one should go there.

Track Colors - general principles

  • Sources are ‘white’, sinks are ‘black’.
  • Every track needs to significantly contrast with black.
  • Red is forbidden, since it’s associated with live recording.
  • Organic sounds use warm colors. Synthetic sounds use cool colors.
  • Purple/Magenta shades are not strictly assigned.
  • Percussion is a shade of gray, unless it has definite pitch (such as a xylophone).
  • “Heavy” sounds used darker shades, “lighter” sounds used lighter shades.
  • Fx and Group Tracks take the coloring of their source tracks.

Edited screenshot of an internal html document follows.
GP-10, YS-200, and MP-1 are weird outboard gear that I have.
I’ve censored sensitive information about my vocal mic techniques. Sorry. Maybe later.

The default track order matches the order in a written score, even if no score has been written.

NICE! I really appreciate this info, to help me understand digital signals better! This will help me.

WOOW! Thats impressive! Thank you!!!

Glad to be of service. It’s just a convention I came up with. They say that sort of thing helps workflow.
There are associations that are supposed to make it easy to remember, like instrument colors matching track colors, and “green is for guitar” because they both start with ‘G’. The meter colors were somewhat inspired by traffic lights.

Hi - there is a brilliant color pallet in the Demo Project by Marika Takeuchi that we can get and then save it into our projects - Here is what it looks like.


Demo Project by Marika Takeuchi

Can someone please share that demo project or any empy project using that color palette?

Never mind, I found it:

Cubase 10.5 Demo Project by Marika Takeuchi


WHere can I download this project colours please?


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