I would love to be able to add a track picture to my input channel. I’d put a pic of the audio interface. This would be helpful and make the console look more consistent. Surely it can’t be hard to add this feature as it’s already available for other channel types!

Not exactly what you asked for but useful all the same check this thread out half way down there is a procedure to turn plugin pictures into track pictures rather quickly…


Thanks Peachy! I took a look at what you came up and I love your VU meter thumbnail! I replied on the thread you shared with me - would it be possible for you to send me the PNG you used as a track picture please?

But I think I’m confused… I was specifically asking for the abililty to add track pics to the INPUT channels (red faders) as it doesnt seem to be possible to do so (there’s no outline in the MixConsole) - so how did YOU do it? Are they just audio tracks?

In your Project Window track list you seem to have created a folder called “Input/Output Channels” where you nested the default Stereo Out track, but based on the icons, it seems that the tracks your named FP In are actually just audio tracks, not the input channels. And if so, then what is different between these and the ones in your AUDIO TRACKS folder?

I hope you can clarify, as right now I’m very confused…