Lets focus on the stuff that bugs me just for a second

I generally do not like to do this but here is a short list of what really bugs me about this so very awesome DAW Cubase.

ever sense 7.5 VEP instances take twice as long to load. I have 23 instances and the prefs set to 4 midi ports which is the fastest I have been able to get it down to and it’s still over a minute to load my template. 7 used to load in 30 seconds. Please play nice with VEP again.

Can not bounce audio directly to quicktime. I was doing this with logic in 2001.

No simple way to split stereo audio files from stereo to 2 mono tracks. I know how to do it but it should be a single key command that is not a macro that takes 10 seconds it should be function…

I should be able to have a time code anker at any bar I want so no matter what tempo I select that bar remains at the same time code position. Tired of setting the time code for my first downbeat every time I change the tempo.

I love Steinberg… Make it great!

If I have to purchase a codec from apple for the quick time bounce that’s okay just let me do that.