Let's get it on [look at the world track 4]

Let’s get it on

Track 4 on Look at the world.

This song was a nightmare. I almost was afraid to work on it. But I finnaly sat down to record the vocals and balance it. Somehow I ended up with 60 tracks and complicated routings to create the FX. Especially the vocals were a pain.
I think I have to ride them all again, but I think or hope I nailed the instruments.
Now this song is completed the rest should be a breeze :stuck_out_tongue:


How it’s made:

Cubase 5

Piano and strings GPO personal orchestra.
Synths Korg legacy Analogue edition VST and Prologue
Kicks Angular momentum’s Kicklab XXL and samples through GA
drums samples from Toontrack and GA ran through GA.
plugins Cubase native plugins
Additional plugins UAD realverb Pro_PultecEQ_Cambridge EQ_precision limiter
soundmangling A LOT of tones2 filterbank3 instances
Vocals Recorded with Rode NTK through Mackie onyx 400F

As always am I interested what you guys think of the mix. Suggestions, advice and pointers are highly welcome.
I learned a lot here on the forum :slight_smile:

PS: I think I really pushed the boundries on my system with this one, but in the end Cubase performed outstanding, no glitched even when I edited lightning fast while all the tracks were playing.Kudos!

Greetz Dylan.

Nice opening…like the piano motif and the fade-in. :slight_smile: BUT the vocal! Yikes!! :astonished: Delivery is very good but its mix is really quite brittle to the point of being painful :confused: Listen for example at 0:43 -“horizon”. It’s quite sibilant and very toppy and it’s particularly noticable during this more exposed opening section. I’d be quite brutal with EQ and really try to tame that vocal top-end! A few pitch issues here and there that you might want to tune up too: e.g. “creation” @ 3:58

I really dig it when the tune really kicks into gear! :slight_smile: AND again, I do think you’ve got a surplus of top-end stuff going on there too - overall the mix really is sounding just too bright and harsh to me.

BUT, great track, just needs a whole lot more warmth and a whole lot less ice! :sunglasses:

Thanks Sherz! :slight_smile:

Maybe I had a too long mixing session, I noticed some eq’s had high settings, especially the pultec on the masterbus.
I will work on it more this week.

I agree with Sherz, the song is nice, but it could use quite a bit more bottom end on some of the synth parts, and there is indeed a lot of top end, although I’m not entirely sure where it comes from. It sounds like it’s not just the vocal, unless you have a high frequency reverb on that.

Listened yesterday, and agree. Vocal is very hi-endy, mix very bright.
Great when the groove kicks in, but needs some warming up.