Lets Talk Halions Future Halion 7.5 March 2024


Hello everybody. Hope you are well!

So, Halion 7.5. Let’s call it March of 2024 :grin:

What do you wanna see that you think Steinberg could realistically pull off? I’m voting persistent windows and surround plugin stability! Oh yeah, how about that sweet EX5 Plugin. I seriously think I’m the ONLY PERSON on this forum that loves that synth! HA!

Amadeus e.d.p.

I’d like to see it evolve as a modular synth.

So, HALion 8. Lets call it March of 2029 :crazy_face:


Why are you being so conservative friend?! I’m calling Halin 11. 2030. Like the second month after Labor Day. :grin:

Amadeus e.d.p.

I would like to see better scalability of the interface, and much richer options for sequencing and generative playing, along the lines of Falcon. I would also like to see a major overhaul of the FX within Halion, and fresh, new macro UIs for all of the older synths, in the Verve mould. Also, ideally, I’d love to have preset previews a la Komplete Kontrol, but I’m not holding my breath.

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Very good list of wants. I think those are some solid things that I can get behind as well. I would like some updates to the library. Specifically in the keys and the pianos. I agreee, having an overhaul of the effects would be welcome.

I WISH that the surround plugin wouldn’t cause Halion to crash so much. I’m on like 15 crashes a day and it’s maddening. Like the worst. PLUS it corrupts my presets. Ouch!

Amadeus e.d.p.

Halion 7 set us up for the future though. I think we now have some kind of a parity point with the MONTAGE. I just kinda wish they would unify the synths across the board Ala Roland Cloud.

I like the ability to be able to use sounds across devices. At least in principle. I have a Roland Integra and if Roland Cloud is anything like it…then I’m sticking with Halion.

Amadeus e.d.p.

SFZ Import for 7.5. And AN-X with Montage patch compatbility. As we have VA already, it’s clearly a minor change :wink:

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I second that bnz! I’ve been listening to the new AN engine. I have an EX5. I used to own a AN1-X. It sounds very good. I can’t say it’s BETTER than the Halion VA engine, but I like it a lot. PLUS that second LCD screen!

That’s what you call nighttime studio eye candy! Am I right? :joy:
Amadeus e.d.p.

A lot of good ideas!

To me, the most important would be MIDI out like Falcon 3 just got

  • Modulation of FX parameters.
  • More FX from Cubase. Make it Cubase Pro dependent if you have to, I don’t care, just make them available. Yeah, I want them ALL there, incl the new C13 Pro FX, why not?
  • Midi out
  • All midi FXs from Cubase, incl players. Allow Midi player chaining/routing, like in the Reason Rack. Ability to map played notes to Cubase Chord track during playback. Player trigger from key stroke.
  • Templates for macro page, ie a 4-layer sample player with FX. Think Roland JV-1080 architecture but more FX and with a macropage with premade graphics, tabs, and knobs. Just for me to drop in samples as one shots of fully mapped/looped wavs. Then I can save it as my own VST3 preset. Other styles of templates too.
  • Import of E-mu Emulator X3 patches, incl Bank batch conversion.
  • Make Halion Chord Pad presets available in Cubase and vice versa.

full auto sampler , I don’t think there is that much to add as HALion already samples , but it would be handy if HALion could play out the Midi its self .

Like Logic Pro X - Auto Sampler

Yeah, grayedout,

Logic has those really great tools to get things done. That would be amazing to be able to just auto sample directly into Halion.

Amadeus e.d.p.