Letter crushed

Some of the letters on the right side in WRITE mode have been crushed since the new update 1.2. I wonder if someone’s having the same bug. I just wanted to bring it up here. It does not give me any problems working on my piece but it bothers me a little :confused:

It’s been only a few weeks since I started using Dorico but I am loving it so far. I am looking forward to update of swing feature in the future!

Have you restarted your computer after having installed the update ? Font troubles are usually fixed when doing that.

Ah - me too. I used to head back to my old program to do anything involved with swing/metric modulation but these days I’m so disenchanted with it that I’ve found myself back in Dorico, substituting triplets for quavers throughout. Looks horrific and is painful but at least it sounds as it should. What would be good when metric modulation is introduced is the opportunity to introduce it at the start of saved projects and it then rearranges the entire score.