Lettercases and the project logical editor

Hi all,

Does anyone know if there is a way to convert lettercases (all caps, lowercase, etc) of track names using the project logical editor?


The PLE doesn’t have a mechanism to manipulate the case of a letter. However you can use it to substitute one text string for another. One of the stock presets removes “(R)” from rendered Track’s names and is a good example of how that works.

Basically you’d need to make a PLE Preset for each character changing “a” to “A”, “b” to “B”, etc and then string them together in a Macro.

Thanks Raino, great tip, that should work 100% but I don’t understand why some letters (seemingly randomly) refuse to be changed - say I have a hundred tracks named Drums, not ALL of them with have their “d” lowercased. I can’t figure this one out. This can happen even with the seam letters in the same track name, example: BD Medium Felt, for some reason, some tracks will be renamed as: bD medium felt. What’s up with that “D”!?

Maybe it only changes the first instance it finds on a Track. Can you post a screenshot so we can see how you are setting it up.