Level difference in monitoring audio v.s. playback - Stereo Pan Law issue

I was cracking a joke, but as a matter of fact the AWS can indeed change a channel strip from mono to stereo. :wink:

… which is not what we’re talking about here. Our complaint is: Most of us work with other DAWs too, where you can go from mono to stereo, from stereo (or mono) to surround or Auro 3D or whatever within the same channel just by inserting a plug-in with the respective in/outs. No stunts with busses or dragging mono-files over to stereo tracks manually.

Stereo Chorus on a mono bass? Done. Stereo Phaser on a Moog solo line? Done. Surround upmix from a stereo ambience track? Done. … and so on. It’s simply a standard procedure since almost two decades now, with good cause.


Correct. but somehow, in Nuendo, we cannot do a simple thing, which is to affect a Mono source with a Stereo effect, on a Mono Audio Track. If other DAWs can do it, I do not see why Nuendo cannot. It would make things a little easier with us music mixers. :wink:


Which is why we all mix virtually inside a DAW. Because it can change. Well, I did put this as an “issue”, we’ll see what an official person has to say about this.

As a fun game, have any older versions of Nuendo do this automatically? Maybe it is a bug? I am not sure. Will RTFM later on tonight.


It’s by design.

I moved from Samplitude where was universal concept of track for mono or stereo audio, and I also found it strange that I have to make a bigger(upper) bus to upmix something in Nuendo. Then I just used to such things in Nuendo, but it would be very nice if it changes to more comfortable and intelligent way)