Levels of pedal depress

Hi guys,
I’m trying to write a 1/2 pedal depress instruction but when I hit the 1/2 button I receive a 1/2 depress at the start of the pedal line and a full depress at the end of the pedal line:

What I want is a 1/2 depress line from the start to the end. Is there an automatic way to do so or do I need to involve a manual adjustment in engrave mode?


Is this what you’re after?

That will do the job, thanks!

Now I assume there is no option to show graphically a 1/2 depress line from start to end because it can cause confusion (when a line doesn’t have a relative change).

As in, have the extension line aligned to half the ped symbol height? Now that I’m not sure of, but I don’t think there’s an option for it.

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