Lex PCM Bundle 64 bit Problem with 7.0.3

Since upgrading to 7.0.3 I am having serious problems with my Lexicon reverb 64 bit plugins. I have a project using 12 instances of various Lex plugins ranging from plates to halls. Each time I load the project some portion of those plugins are corrupted. When I open the Lex UI, the parameter window is blank and the sound is that of 100% reverb mix. In order to restore the correct settings I must re-select the desired preset and adjust the dry/reverb mix. These issues are non-deterministic and cannot be reproduced with each iteration of opening and closing a project. In other words, different instances suffer this malady with each successive open/close procedure. According to ‘Plugin Information’ all the Lex plugins are using the v 2.4 SDK so I believe these are supported by the Cubase VST host. When I load the ‘backup’ version of the project the same thing occurs although the corruption may appear in an entirely different set of instances. The project was originally created under 7.0.1. Has anyone else experienced this issue or something similar? Is there a suggested workaround?