Lexicon Lambda inactive using ASIO4ALL v2

I got Cubase Artists 7 upgrade for Windows and my Lexicon Lambda USB interface is unable to become active as an audio output device. My Lexicon I-O outputs fine, but actually use it for input from my mixer. The Lambda runs audio out to my mixer. I am using ASIO4all v2 driver and I configured it the same way it is configured in Cubase 6.5. The Lambda/I-O combination works fine in 6.5 and I am able to use the Lambda with HALion 4 when running in standalone mode. When I go into devices in 7, it just shows up as inactive. Again, it works properly when I run 6.5 and I have asio4all driver configured in 7 exactly the same as it is in 6.5. I also made sure that 6.5 is not running when I launch 7, so that the asio driver is released. Any ideas?

Well - the ASIO4ALL drivers are in fact not real ASIO drivers to start with. This driver “wraps” around the windows WMA driver and let other programs “think” they are dealing with a real ASIO driver. As this is just a work-around for cards that have no ASIO driver, it is not guaranteed to work without problems (as stated on the home site for ASIO4ALL). As Cubase 7 is just released it is possible the writer(s) of the ASIO4ALL drivers will bring out an update in the future, but it is also possible the ASIO guard in Cubase 7 only handles the drivers that are fully written to ASIO specifications (and you cannot blame it for that).

I think it is better to use the real ASIO driver that is included with your sound card. If that one does not work good and/or is buggy, I am afraid you have a problem, and have to contact the manufacturer of the soundcard.

Thanks. Problem is that I am using two audio interfaces and unless I am missing something, I cannot select the ASIO driver for the Lexicon Lambda and also use the ASIO driver for the Lexicon I-O at the same time. ASIO4ALL allows me to enable both devices (one for input and one for output). I suppose I could try the generic ASIO driver, which I have not done so yet. It has higher latency than ASIO4ALL however.

I still have Cubase 6.5 installed, so I can just run that until I find a solution.