Lexicon Lambda Serial # Issue??? HELP!!

I recently purchased a Lexicon Lambda with Cubase LE 4, secondhand from a friend. He had everything that originally came with it, and he made sure that he cleared it through Steinberg to sell it and unregistered everything. I put the disk with the drivers and cubase on it into my computer and it ran fine, installed the drivers etc. Then when it prompted me to install Cubase it asked for a serial number. The Activation code that came with the device, which was on the cd case, is 7 characters too long for the space provided for the serial number. The serial number for the Lambda device is too short for the provided space. I contacted Steinberg about the issue and was told by the support staff that I should not need a serial number for the cubase software and that I needed to contact Lexicon. I contacted them several days ago and haven’t heard anything back from them. Does anyone have any idea what the solution is here??? All I want to do is start using this thing and it seems like it is waaaaaaay too hard to get it going.

Any help is appreciated


I downloaded the latest eLCC program. I put in my Activation code and nothing came up. Steinberg gave me a new activation code. I put it in and once again nothing happened. I dont have a USB elicenser, so it told me to create a soft elicenser. I have no idea how to do that, and have had no luck trying to find a way to do that. Any more advice??

Read the instructions at MySteinberg.

Normally there is already an Sel in the elcc with a trial MP3 encoder on it. Strange that your activation codes aren’t at very least showing an LE license once you enter them.