Lexicon PCM Native Bundle

Do lexicon plugins run fine in Cubase 9? Are they blacklisted by the plugins sentinel? Any user experience is appreciated…

All fine here :slight_smile:
But , for interest, I had to manually re-activate all my 2C Audio plugins (Aether, Breeze, B2), no adverse consequences so far :wink:.


Worked with zero problems here. I did make sure to have the latest Lexicon plugins bundle installed prior to the Cubase upgrade.

Just hijacking this thread - maybe someone experienced this as well:

I am using old versions of all the Lex Native plugins since a while - the versions are from 2011… I usually use the LXP a lot in my mixes. I just upgraded to the latest versions (2014) but all settings are lost - and the plugins will not read my presets as well… since I use the plugins a lot this literally screws my mixes… anyone had the same issue? Or is there something which I did wrong?

They are a bit picky regarding the location of their ressource files as well…