Lexicon PCM Native GUI issue.

Using the just released version of Wavelab 8.5.1 and the latest version of the Lexicon PCM Total Bundle when I try and select a preset from the plugin GUI the preset pop up menu appears behind the main plugin window.

It does not do this in Cubase.

Is this an issue with the plugins or Wavelab?



p.s. Forgot to add this is on Windows 7 64 bit

Unfortunately, in Cubase 8 it does.
But in Cubase switching off “always on top” helps.
This feature in Wavelab doesn’t exist.
You can open the pop up menu and then move the hole plugin window to see the pop up menu behind.

Please try with WaveLab 8.5.20

My Wavelab is 8.5.20

I’m using WL 8.5.30 on Windows 7 WL 64 bit and what the original poster said, still happens. Any time you use the Lexicon preset drop-down menu, the presets open behind the GUI forcing the user to move the gui aside to read the list of drop-downs.

Has this been fixed in the upcoming release?


I’m sure there are other Lexicon PCM Native users using Wavelab?