Lexicon Reverb and Effects Bundle Presets


Lexicon Reverb and Effects Bundle presets don’t show up on Cubase 8. When you click over the preset’s name or the little yellow triangle nothing happens, the preset’s list doesn’t apppear. Anybody else? Any solutions?


You could try to force the Mediabay to rescan by activating the location tree in the Lexicon preset menu and untick the preset folder and re-tick it to see if the presets show up , it may not work but it’s worth a shot :wink:

(I think the OP is referring to the Lexicon native presets, not the Steinberg vstpresets :wink: )
It is working fine here on my Mac, so I am guessing this is a manifestation of some of the other (Windows MDI) reports of pop-up menus not… errm… popping up :wink:.
Do you have your Lexicon plugins set to “Always on Top”? http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=230&t=69953

You are correct Manu!
I have reproduced this and diagnosed it!

It is an “Always On Top” problem.
The preset list is appearing BEHIND the plugin window.
on the top right corner of the Plugin Window frame click and DE-select “Always On Top”
then click the yellow triangle for Presets in your Lexicon effects.

The next time you open the plugin “Always on top” will be reselected and you’ll need to de-select if you want to change presets.

see attached images…
After de-selecting the Always On Top you get this…

I experienced this problem myself today as well.

De-activating “always on top” solves the problem. So far, I have only noticed Lexicon plugins exhibiting this behaviour.
Is this a C8 issue then or something we should contact Lexicon about?


It’s a Cubase issue that effects other plugins as well such those from Native Instruments and ValhallaDSP.

Thanks Fretthefret :bulb: !!!

Thanks guys, Fretthefret was right. Solved!


I first noticed this problem with my Eventide plug ins (although I was able to use browse to load the presets). I downloaded the Lexicon demo today and was unable to select the presets. Thanks for the fix.

Thanks for the tip,I have the same problem with my Lexicon plugins.
De click always on top helps but I have to do it every time I want to select a preset not really convenient.
I hope this will be fixed sooner.

They all work as should after applying the 8.05 update.