LFE Filter in 5.1 Output

Hi there,
I thought Nuendo 6 was going to implement an LFE Filter on the surround output. Currently I use the Waves plugin, but that’s all I use Waves for, so it would be nice to have that built into Nuendo 6. Is it coming?

Just insert an(y) EQ, set to mono, route to LFE and forget.


Hi Fredo,
I’ll give it a try. It’s just too bad that you guys can’t just mimic an lfe filter like waves or starplugs. They just have some nice settings that make it very simple to use. I do appreciate some other fixes that N6 now has.

Grant, check this out…

Thanks Robin,
Let’s hope they do add it, as it’s really one of the only things missing from a Post Audio DAW.

Hi Fredo,
Could you be a little clearer with this. I have tried setting up an EQ and rolling off the high end, but it’s not doing the same as the Waves plugin would. As well, I heard Timo say that this may be worked into one of the N6 upgrades. Is this true.

-Insert an EQ plugin into your 5.1 channel.
-Set input configuration to “mono” (if not already)
-Open Routing editor and move the plugin to the LFE channel.

===>>> Done


You can do this with the bundled Studio EQ.
Admittedly, the slope is not as steep as the Waves LFE Filter is butthat is not necessarily a bad thing, as 2 gentle slopes will result in fewer artefacts than one steep one will. It does not use a slope value but a Q value, and it looks to be around 10-12dB/Octave.

If you have the Waves tool, why not just use it?
Alternatively most good digital EQ will also suffice:
UAD Cambridge, Oxford, Harrison, Neve 88RS etc
Waves LFE360, Q1 etc

Thank you Fredo and Neil,
I will continue using the Waves 360 LFE Filter for now. My hope was to start using 64bit Nuendo, and unfortunately, my waves plugins will only work in a 32bit enviornment. Let’s hope they will add this in the future as a simple functional tool to the already incredible feature set of Nuendo.

If I remember correctly the Lo/Hi cut are 24dB/octave. Does anyone know what order/type the cut filters are in Studio EQ?

Is it for the 60dB/octave roll off that you stick to the LFE630°?

And why are your plugins only working in a 32bit environment? Waves are fully 64bit …


good questions…

I’m using Waves v8 which I believe is only 32bit. And yes, it would be for the 60db per octave. I was just doing some testing here, using the Studio EQ vs Waves. The Studio EQ still lets more pass through than Waves. As well, the Waves plugin keeps the volume of the LFE channel correct. Anyway, I’ll do some experimenting, but will continue using the Waves LFE for now. I used to use the Starplugs LFE Filter which also worked very well.

My bad, the levels are very close between the two options and I could live with using the Studio EQ if needed. I was just hoping that with all the great updates, an LFE filter would be in the works.

In fact, you can use any EQ or filter to your choice using the method I described.
So you are not stuck to to the Studio EQ.
Although I have the Waves Surround plugins, I mostly use the REQ2 for that.


Thanks Fredo

The only reason I even suggested StudioEQ is because it is bundled with Nuendo, and I could be sure the OP had it installed. Personally, I often use the mono Waves one, or sometimes not - I do like the steep slope although some would say it is too steep it’s not as bad as the Dolby Digital or the DTS ones are.

In all honesty, we need DD and DTS encoders much, much more than Bass Management toys.