LFE not Routing to 5.1 Master Print

Hi all! I’ve been finishing up a 5.1/2.0 mixing template today and I’ve been fighting the LFE for the past few hours.

I have it routed:

  • Source audio sending to Mono Group “LFE.”
  • Mono LFE out set to 5.1 Print Master child bus LFE.

The LFE is firing, confirmed with Waves NX. But on the 5.1 Print Master it doesn’t show anything firing on LFE channel and nothing is recorded when I try to record.

Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

LFE Master Child Bus

Found the problem and I think now’s a good time for a break :joy:

Waves NX is a decent little tool to cheese mixing 5.1 on headphones for us budget/apartment mixers, until I invest in a surround system. But I forgot the plugin outputs stereo so it was summing everything down. Also didn’t have multipanner on the 5.1 group to bring the LFE up in the bottom right.

The more you know. :melting_face:

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Control room is made for this.


Yeah, I started out having it on control room but when I need to use NX I like to hear the 5.1 through the plugin but not the stereo downmix. So I currently have it set with NX on all 5.1 sub masters that way when I select Stereo Print Master in CR it’s not going through NX.

Tradeoff is I need to remember to turn NX off when printing. Probably much easier to have it on CR and turn it off when monitoring the stereo but, ah well. That extra few mouse clicks every time I want to check the stereo mix kills me. Just one of those weird little things.

Wait. Wait hang on. Revisited CR routing, got it figured out. Growing pains, gotta love it.