LFO Midi effect

Hi guys. I wonder if it’s possible to modulate several parameters at same time with LFO midi effect or another way?
Thanks :neutral_face:

Please explain your scenario in more detail… (which vst, what you are trying to do etc)

In Padshop or halion for example, in the routing menu, you can route whatever wherever… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks ggc for replaying. I trying to modulate several Sylenth1 parameters at the same time with the LFO Midi effect of Cubase. I don’t know if it’s possible to map several parameters like Smart controls in Logic. Thanks

hmm… dont think so… maybe someone else knows…

try using the internal routing of sylenth for a workaround?

Thanks ggc
Maybe, it’s impossible to do modulation like that in Cubase. Maybe in the future.

Unfortunately, Cubase does not have a flexible way of routing modulation signals like some DAWs out there, and I’ve not found any use for the LFO. Those times I’ve tried using it on Steinberg synths it has messed up things like pan settings, things that are not accessible from the plug-in’s GUI, making it difficult to reset pan to center. I guess you are best off focusing on the built-in modulation sources that comes with the plug-in.