LFO Restart Issues (Dubstep Wobble Bass)

Hey I use the standard Cubase synth (Prologue) to make wobble basses for dubstep tracks, but when the wobble goes, if it stops half way through a “wob,” (lets say I cut the note short) when the bass starts playing again, it starts the wob at the point it left off at as the lfo hasnt completed a full cycle. This is how it would sound: wobblewobblewobb rest lewobblew rest obblewobblewobble. This makes it sound out of time. How do you make it so each time a note is played the wobble starts over? I have tried selecting the Punch and Retrigger buttons but they dont seem to help (or do anything that is noticable for that matter : P).

Try the “key” setting in the LFO section.