LFO retrigger sync with new keys


New to synth here, so, apologies for the basic question.

I’m trying to recreate the synth in Wont Get Fooled Again inside Halion, just as a practice exercise.

I used a basic organ preset, and setup LFO1 to control the Level of the sound (which I think is the Amp level). The pulse sounds good, UNTIL I add another note. The pulse just gets out of sync when I add additional keys. I’ve tried different sync modes (tempo, etc), and different re-trigger modes, but, I always get an out of sync pulse…essentially it sounds like the LFO is pulsing for each individual note instead of the whole instrument.

Any thoughts on how I can get the entire patch level to react to the LFO instead of individual keys?


If you use the Zone LFOs then for a proper song position sync you will have to use Tempo + Beat and Retrigger set to on. Also the DAW has to be playing.

The H6 preset you mentioned though uses an LFO module. This is a monophonic LFO which won’t produce a second modulation signal when a new note is pressed, so there are never any phase clashes.
If you use the LFO module, the DAW doesn’t need to playback for sync to work as expected.

thanks. will try it out