LFO to modulate an effect parameter

I would like to modulate parameters with an LFO on some of the effects I am using on my audio track. I know Reaper has this function but is there a way to get around this in Cubase ? (I am on cubase 11)


So far, no. Maybe in a future version.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a stock plugin. Any 3th party plugin could work. But which ones ?

As far as I know there is no plugin that can directly modulate a VST parameter of another plugin.

If the plugin supports MIDI input (as instruments do) you could use a MIDI plugin of Cubase to create these modulation data. But hardly any audio effect plugin does support this.

There are modulation plugins like Cubase’s FX Modulator or Xfer’s LFO Tool but they only shape the audio signal or create MIDI data. None of them have access to VST parameters of other plugins.
Cubase is just not built this way. It is a feature request a significant amount of customers have voiced towards Steinberg for several years. Who knows, maybe they will make it happen in a future version.

Ok thanks for your detailed explanation. I have also been looking at the tools you mentioned above but if they cant access the parameters in the effects rag of Cubase then its gonna get nowhere, I understand. will try to live without it :wink:

The plugin I was thinking of modulating is the disperser from Kilohearts. I dont think it has midi-input.


You can get around that by using a virtual MIDI cable and Quick Control.
Create a MIDI track with the LFO plugin as shown by JM above. Route this MIDI track to the virtual MIDI port. Use the virtual MIDI port as input for Quick Control. Et voilà!


nice that sounds promising. the following two steps I am uncertain about how to do
2. Route this MIDI track to the virtual MIDI port. Use the virtual MIDI port as input for Quick Control.
3. Use the virtual MIDI port as input for Quick Control.

could you maybe take a screenshot for 2 and 3. That would help.

Best, Thomas

If you want to modulate a Kilohearts plugin, such as Disperser, use Snap Heap. It’ll not only modulate Disperser, but any Khz plugin you want to use. You can save it all as a preset for future use.

From the Khz website:
“A unique modular modulation section allows you to connect modulators and utilities in an infinite number of combinations for ultimate control, or ultimate chaos. Whether it’s ultra-precise envelopes and LFOs you need or wild randomization for unpredictable chaotic mangling… you can build it with the Kilohearts Ecosystem.”

A great video explaining how it works:

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Hey Resonant - thanks for the video. I would say I am more looking for a general way to do it. The disperser was just one out of many plugins I would like to modulate. Kilohearts is a great plugin company though.
Cheers :wink:

Perhaps this will help?


So I should install this program hubis loopback mididriver (for windows) to get the option to create a virtual midi port is that correct understood ?

To install and use a virtual MIDI driver is the only way. Hubi seems to be a good program to achieve this.

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There are a few options for virtual MIDI ports for Windows. I use loopMIDI which is quite popular and works well. I haven’t tried Hubi’s.

Great will try that and see if I can get it to work as hubi seemed a bit tricky to install

Xfer LFOTool can send out Midi CC (Cableguys has a similar plugin).
1 Set up a Midi Track with LFOTool as input. (LFOTool can basically anywhere on an insert, but a separate track makes sense)
2 Your target synth as output.
3 Use midi learn on the synth.

Hi Rikkshow
Sounds interesting. But if it sends CC how can I target insert FX on an audio track ?

Thomas :smiley:

I tried the midiloop. It works for around 20 seconds then the source FX parameter starts acting weird. Jumping up and down and then it stops. And when I open midiloop it says muted. Have you experienced this mlib ?


I’m going to assume that when you say “midiloop” you actually mean the application “loopMIDI” by Tobias Erichsen.

I think I’ve ran into this once and it was caused by an unintentional feedback loop. I.e. the output of the virtual port was feeding back into the input of the same port.
Bear in mind that I’ve never used the software to create MIDI LFOs or such. I use it for other purposes.

Out of curiosity I installed loopMIDI and set up AutoLFO to control some audio plugin’s parameters as per Greg’s video. However, instead of Generic Remote I used MIDI Remote in Cubase.
Worked like a charme.
BUT - it’s a pain in the butt to set up and AutoLFO is basically the only stock effect of Cubase that can generate MIDI data out of nothing. Its capabilities are rather basic.

@RikkShow - how would you route the MIDI output of LFOTool to MIDI Remote?

Add to that the low resolution of MIDI CCs. Try setting a low LFO rate with a high depth and you’ll end up with stepping artifacts.
These are all good reasons people have been asking for proper VST function generators for some time now.