LGA 1151 vs LGA 2011v3

Considering a new desktop build. I’ve narrowed it down to one 64GB machine and have two options…

LGA 2011v3 using 6-core 3.3Ghz Haswell-E with 64GB of DDR4 (8x8GB)
LGA 1151 using Quad 4.0Ghz Skylake with 64GB of DDR4 (4x16GB)

The price is nearly identical. The performance differences will be minimal… I think the Skylake will have better video capabilities. Not sure where the other differences may be? Any ideas or personal experiences from you guys… much appreciated. Thoughts?

Skylake has a new feature where autospeed CPU clock (Intel speedstep) is done by the CPU instead of OS, it seems that this technique is faster with upping and downing the clock. It looks to my a nice feature for laptops and tablets saving battery power, not a big deal for DAW usage.

Is it still the consensus that faster clock speeds are preferred to multiple cores? That would be another advantage for Skylake. I like th idea that a BIOS update might make the 2011v3 support 128Gb in the future… some how I doubt that would actually happen tho

Hi I believe this is still a good explanation. However usually the comparison for example is;

Xeon 2.4 Ghz 8 cores vs i7 3.8 Ghz 4 cores.

We can state of the above that the i7 will beat the Xeon in snappier and faster response. The Xeon has more processing capacity in regard of threads and multitasking processes. For single tasks the i7 will due to it’s higher clocking do these tasks much faster, but when running a few virtual machines the Xeon would probably win.

It’s speed for the i7 against bandwidth of the Xeon, so if the i7 would be a benefit with bigger projects over the Xeon would be best if we got answer from the group as I do not use an Xeon cpu.

Remember that technologies like intel speedstep have an impact on your cubase performance (F12) meter. You may save some battery power, but sacrifice latency etc. If you have money to spend go for 2011v3, cause the Skylake processors are on their way to this platform as well.