libraries are missing in "groove agent 5 full version"

Hello. I bought “groove agent 5 full version” and I think libraries are missing

Thanks for the help

Please download it from the Steinberg download assistent

Thanks. I did what you wrote to me, and it did not change or add folders. In addition to the one I bought the full version, would I need to buy more folders for expansion?

Does the full version of “groove agent 5” did not get all the possible libraries ?
Should I buy more library rhythms?

What Librarys do you mean exactly? the Full version of GA5 includes the full factory Library thats the 31Gig!
For other you have to buy the Licence!

Thank you very much for your help !!! That’s exactly the answer I needed.“For other you have to buy the Licence!” 31Gig That’s what I downloaded.
I would be very grateful if you could send me a link to expand the additional libraries.
Thanks again a lot for help

Please if you can explain to me how I come to expand the libraries on the site of steinberg.
Thank you very much

Loock please
Sorry its german but here we are in the german section!

Thank you very much for helping me