Library export

I need to export the content descriptions of a Nuendo Library. Libraries are .npl files. I searched the forums and the web, looked into various apps that could possibly open and convert the libraries into readable xml format. No luck.
The export functions are all related to the timeline, not the Pool or the Libraries.
I just need to export the metadata, not the audio content, to refer to or use in other apps.
Does anybody see a way to convert the database into an xml readable format? Thanks

No I have no direct solution for that, possible workaround Could be to use AES31 exports. IIRC they list all the sound files in the beginning of the document.

I’ll try that.
I tried of course AAF, OMF. But it is always the timeline, not the Pool or free Libraries.
I guess that’s what the people at Basehead point at when they claim they want their database not to be encoded, just readable xml.
If I could convert my Nuendo libraries to xml, I’d probably go this way.