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I am sure this has been asked many times but I can’t find a clear answer.

How do I know which libraries/soundsets are included with Cubase Pro 13?? I’ve just downloaded 2 which are present in Steinberg Download Assistant only to find there is no license for these. There is no indication at all which libraries are included, and I can’t see “factory” libraries labeled for Halion, Groove Agent etc. It surely can’t be that we have to download EVERYTHING and then remove what doesn’t work… is there no list of included products anywhere?


Agreed. I have similar issues with Steinberg’s haphazard, help-devoid organization of Cubase. There’s much need to streamline tasks with macros and a more intelligent GUI for a more elegant simplicity and happier user experience. Not everyone appreciates software that’s so cryptic in places, it’s suited only for left brain thinkers.

If you have Cubase Pro 13 selected in the left pane, then everything in the right pane is included with your license.
Update: And nothing other than what’s in the right pane. Especially DO NOT download and install expansions for GA, Padshop, and Retrologue you didn’t buy; you’ll be stuck with a bunch of red :no_entry_sign: symbols in your browsers/Media Bay.


So you mean…you downloaded HALion(etc.) from the HALion(etc.) tab in the vsts&plugins section on the left?
Simply select the product you have in the left pane.

Thank you!

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