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Sorry if I ask here.

After purchasing the update to Halion 7 (passed to the new licensed system), I also updated the sound bookcases through “SB Download Assistant” on my main desktop PC. Practically all my products Steinberg (Cubase - Doric - Halion - Ga) no longer need the Elicenser Dongle to work.

Only some bookstores still require the license on the USB stick:

  • SkyLab
  • 4konb popd
  • Lofi Piano

Did I make something wrong or for these bookstores there is still the possibility of getting rid of the USB dongle?

Another “problem” that I point out is that to update bookcases on laptop I cannot do it via Steinberg Download Asasistant as the updates have already been made by the main PC, so they are no longer shown. I have to manually copy bookcases from one computer to another …
Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help!

No, you made nothing wrong. Some instruments still need the dongle.

You should see all products in the Download Assistant and you simply install the applications as usual.
What does the Download Assistant on your laptop show, can you post a Screenshot?

Thanks for your immediate response!

I attach the screeshot of my SDA

Is this the laptop screen?

There is a menu link that says Aggiornamenti, there you see your available updates.

For the rest of the products you can click on link for the respective application and install it on your laptop. The instruments you mentioned can be found under ‘VST Instruments and Plugins’.

yes this is a screenshot from my laptop

thank you very much for your support, you have been very clear!

But looking in the ‘VST Instruments and Plugins’ section I can’t find skylab

Hi @Italyuser,

perhaps this fairly recent thread can be of some help to you:

Licenses missing after Absolute 6 update - #2 by Markus_Leuthel

Currently, one required newer file for “Skylab” can only be acquired via downloading the full HALion 7 Content (34,x GB ISO via the website or ~30 GB via Steinberg Download Assistant <=> SDA).



Thank you very much!!!

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