Library Manager and orphaned HSO Library

I’m in the middle of recovering from a system disk failure.

After installing the Steinberg Library Manager all of the various libraries initially had problems locating their content. But this was quickly resolved for most of them by using the Optimize Library Registration function. However the Halion Symphonic Orchestra is missing in action.

The Library Manager rightfully cannot find them on the now non-existent S: drive - but they are available on my H: drive. However I can’t find any mechanism change the location. While the Library Manager does offer to Unregister the HSO Library (thanks but no - I want to keep HSO) the Optimize Library Registration is greyed out. Also HSO isn’t listed so I can’t just adjust it there.

If you locate and double click any of the HSO vstsound files from windows file browser? It should open the Library Manager and try to register them.

Excellent, thanks