Library Manager - Huh?

The Library Manager - does anybody here understand how to use this? I have all my vstsound libraries on an external disk, and alias’ on my system drive under Content, where the original vstsound files were. However, every time I accidentally start that library manager, by either touching an alias or vstsound file wrong, it runs and suddenly the vstsound files are back where I had the alias’ nicely organized. Sometimes it actually deletes my alias’ and replaces them. Ugh. Once this thing starts running you can’t stop it. Is there a manual or something that might give me a clue?

What does this mean?

Of course, the simple act of selecting a file, or launching the Library Manager itself does nothing at all to the files.

Also, are you certain that you need to create aliases?

That’s what I thought. But that’s not what happens. Its been driving me crazy all day, redoing my alias’, etc. I thought the library manager was simply to move files. Not create havoc. Oy vey.

How have you tested this, to arrive at that conclusion?

I’m not sure how to use Library Manager, so it’s hard to do any “testing”. I just know, as I described above, that every time it started up it moved files and put vstsound files back in places where I had alias’s already working. I didn’t get a say so in what happened, nor could I stop it once started. I’m sure I’m not doing something right, I just don’t know what.

Do I still need to manually make the alias’ or will the library manager do that for me? Should I take out all my alias’s and let LM do them all over again. So confused. I watched the video but I still don’t get it.

The Steinberg Library Manager creates those automatically. After all, making it easier to install libraries on drives other than C:\ was one of the reasons why this program was originally created.

You can change the library default location by clicking the gear icon to the top right. From now on, every time the Download Assistant attempts to install a library automatically, it will be moved to this folder and an alias will be created.

If you notice that any of your libraries are in the wrong place, you can click the Move bottom to move the library and update the alias.


Thank you. I can go to sleep now. This was making me dizzy. I appreciate your help.

The LM does the aliases for you…

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Thanks! I’ve been doing it manually for so many years I got confused. I like to keep all the vstsound files and the alias’ organized so can keep copies on backup disks. All good now.

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Yep, I had this issue too when I first upgraded to N10. Learned about being able to change the Sound Library’s root directory and all is well since then.


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