Library Manager not showing content downloaded today. No way to move to another drive

Just upgraded to Cubase 12 Pro, from Cubase 11 Pro. I am trying to move the additional (e.g., HALion, content from the default download location (C Drive) to another drive (E Drive) on my Win 10 PC using Library Manager. When I got Cubase 11 Pro, I had no problems doing so using Library Manager. But today, all the newly downloaded content shows on Download Assistant as being in the default location (C Drive). But Library Assistant only shows the old content, nothing installed today. How do I move the downloaded content?

SOLVED this issue. I used Download Assistant to delete the downloaded additional content from when I installed the older Cubase 11 Pro (April 2021), having found them listed under the C11 tab. Afterwards, I discovered 2023-installed items like Groove Agent and HALion were also no longer showing as installed or downloaded under the Cubase 12 tab in Download Assistant, nor was related content shown. In Download Assistant, under Cubase 12 tab, I redownloaded and reinstalled those things. Then those items downloaded today finally showed up in Library Manager, which I successfully used to move the content files to my E Drive as desired.

The mystery to me is that in Windows, the two sets of downloads (2021 and 2023), were shown as separate files with different dates, but deleting just the file set I downloaded in 2021 using Download Assistant also deleted the 2023 files! Until I deleted the 2021 ones and redownloaded the 2023 files, Library Manager only showed the earlier 2021 files, with no option to move the 2023 ones to another drive location. Restarting Library Manager and restarting my PC did not help.

The Library Manager doesn’t know about the new content until the Library Manager registers it. The Download Assistant only downloads the files, it doesn’t register the content or tell the Library about it. To register the content you can double+click on any .vstsound file which will launch the Library Manager which will then register all the .vstsound files it finds in that Folder and any Sub-Folder.

If you have this happen in the future here’s the easiest way to resolve it

  1. Use Windows Explorer to move the content to the desired location.
  2. Double+click on one of the .vstsound files

Thanks very much for your detailed and helpful information. Much appreciated